Each level will have one class of 1,5 hours with each teacher during Saturday and Sunday and one Special Class on Friday.





LEVEL 1 - Beginner Intermediate    (1 year dancing solo Jazz)

You have a basic knowledge of solo jazz and you have done some weekly solo jazz classes.


If you are taking weekly classes on an intermediate lindy hop level, this should be your level.


LEVEL 2 - Intermediate    (Between 1 and 2 years dancing solo Jazz)

You are confident doing variations on the basic steps. You more or less know the Tranky Doo and the Big Apple. You have a vocabulary of the most common authentic jazz steps such as: Shorty George, Suzie Q, Applejacks, Tacky Annies, Charleston, Jump Charleston. 


If you are taking weekly solo jazz classes on an intermediate or intermediate/advanced level and regularly practise on your own, this should be your level.


LEVEL 3 - Intermediate Advanced    (Between 2 and 3 years dancing solo Jazz)

This level is for dancers with much experience of solo jazz dancing. A part from strong previous dance skills you should have a wide knowledge of solo jazz vocabulary. Class content will be concentrated on advanced concepts and techniques and the pace of the class will be a lot quicker. Classes on this level will be challenging for advanced dancers.

If you are taking solo jazz classes on an advanced level and you spend a lot of time practising on your own, this should be the level for you.


LEVEL 4 - Advanced    (More than 3 years dancing solo jazz)

You are teaching, and/or are comfortable with, very advanced solo jazz. If asked to improvise you will not hesitate to show your best stuff.


If you have focused on solo dancing for several years, this should be your level.

LEVEL 5 - Top    

If you are a master of solo dancing, this should be your level.